Ours is a professional financial services provider who has built proven integrity and reputation in asset management by creating opportunities for high yield on investments by all stakeholders through our unrivaled understanding of the capital market. Since the last half a decade therefore, we have stamped a laudable impression on the minds of our clients both individuals and corporate organizations providing tailor made solutions to all their financial transactions.

We possess highly motivated professional workforce who have deep and insightful knowledge of value adding financial and security instruments in Nigeria with a view to giving the client the desire for steady, low risk investment options. In this regard, our clients have continued to enjoy unprecedented returns on their portfolios. This is because at Yield Bedrock, we know the financial market like the palms of our hands and this has informed the trust and confidence we enjoy from all categories of clients across Nigeria.


We are a team of financial experts with a strong determination to tackle critical issues which has had adverse effects on the Nigerian capital market. The issues which our organizations has identified as hindering investor confidence are the perennial problems of unclaimed dividends which as 2016 topped over N60 billion, unclaimed shares certificate, processing of shares inherited by the beneficiaries, managing of portfolio on behalf of clients, advice on when best to buy, sell and hold onto securities. Yield Bedrock was established in 2011 after the Nigerian capital market experienced the worst downturn in the history of Nigeria Stock Exchange Market (NSE).

The company was registered under extant Nigerian laws, Corporate and Allied Matters Act 1990 (CAMA); Laws of the federation of Nigeria as a consulting firm to operate and offer professional financial services. Our final certificate was granted by the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in 2011. We provide reliable information on capital market activities; prepare sound professional analysis on quoted and unquoted companies and varied securities related issues. Also, the firm has a good working relationship with some of the best online trading platforms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Our current services are: revalidation of unclaimed dividend warrant, processing of returned money on IPO, providing e-dividend payment, dematerialization of shares certificate into CSCS account, processing of lost of shares certificate, management of client’s portfolio and funds with interest paid to clients’ based on market unit Trust.

Management consulting: we also specialize in rendering of consultancy services in the area of management services.

Training: we train Investors on how to trade by themselves on the floors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange through online trading Platform.

Professional Business Plan: Our professional Business Plan is bank and Investor ready.

We also specialize in organizing seminars, symposium to enlighten investors to understand the basic knowledge about capital market.